Hey Sis, so things have gotten pretty intense with my step son. I can barely keep my hands off him whenever we’re alone and I’m worried his dad will catch on. The other day was pretty close. My son was on the couch relaxing and I immediately went for his big wiener. We stripped and started heating each other up until I had to have him inside me. We must have pokeed in a dozen positions and I came more than I could count. Not long after my son coated me with his seman I realized his Dad should be home already. I hope he didn’t catch us but my son’s meat is worth the risk. Love Caramel.

Dear Diary: I’m finally going to spend a weekend with Aunt Caramel and my uncle just like sissy did last year. I really think it will be great to get away a bit and my sister seemed to have had an awesome time.

Dear Diary: The other night my uncle came in my room and started talking to me and then things got weird. He started touching my leg and I started getting slightly aroused so I asked him to stop. He started playing with my boobs next and before I knew it I was naked and licking my uncle’s banana. His skillful give head made me seman hard in a hot 69 and my inhibitions were gone. We made love and I rode him pretty hard. I lost track of how many times I came until my uncle did the unthinkable and came inside me. I was so freaked out it ruined the mood for the night but I’ll be back. I’m really glad my uncle made me do it. – Julie

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